Vogue College

PTIB Accredited

Advanced Hairstyling

This program is based on advanced methods and products available in the hair industry. The hairstyling student will learn to analyze hair and the scalp in order to provide their future costumers with the best possible treatments. They will learn to implement colour theory and the colour level system to advise the client in tinting, highlighting, and toning. They will also learn the basic haircut along with modern ways to sculpt hair. Hair braiding, updos, perming, and the ionic hair straightening process are also a part of this exciting program.

Course Subsection Hours
Introduction to Cosmetology 2
Bacteriology, Hygiene, & Disinfection 2
Properties of Scalp and Hair 10
Draping, Shampooing, Rinsing, & Conditioning 86
Hair Cutting 360
Artistry in Hairstyling 50
Wet Hair Styling 50
Thermal Hair Styling 20
Permanent Waving 110
Hair Colouring 425
Hair Straightening 50
Artificial Hair 10
Chemistry 10
Salon Business and Management 15
Total 1200