Vogue College

PTIB Accredited

Advanced Nail Techniques

This exciting program is based on quality products and techniques in the realm of nail beauty. The student will acquire the knowledge of how to apply a basic manicure, basic pedicure, and hot oil manicure. Furthermore, they will learn how to apply a spa manicure and spa pedicure. They will use the latest techniques to sculpt the overlays of acrylics, gels, and fiberglass nails. They will learn how to use an electrical drill for two-colour rebalancing and back filling. Nail artistry such as free-hand painting with special paints, use of rhine stones, and the three dimensional coloured acrylics are also part of this program.

Course Subsection Hours
Introduction to Nail Techniques 5
Bacteriology, Hygiene & Disinfection 5
Anatomy, Skin & Related Diseases 10
Nail Anatomy, Related Diseases & Disorders 10
Hand & Arm Massage, Foot & Leg Massage, Reflexology 10
Manicure/Spa Manicure 30
Pedicure/Spa Pedicure 30
Acrylics 50
Gels 50
Back Fills & Electrical Drill 20
Nail Art 10
Safety in the Work Place 5
Salon Business & Management 5
Total 240