Vogue College

PTIB Accredited


This program offers the student knowledge of the skin, its structure, function, and related diseases. The student will learn about hair structure, its life cycle, and the causes of hair problems. Advanced methods of removing hair permanently such as electrolysis, thermolysis, and "the blend" are offered in this course. The student will also be equipped with the knowledge of different laser devices available on the market, differences between IPLs and lasers for hair removal, and why electrology is more accurate in hair removal.

Course Subsection Hours
Introduction to Electrology 5
Bacteriology, Hygiene & Disinfection 5
Skin Analysis, Structure & Related Diseases 20
Causes of Hair Problems 5
Hair Structure 10
Practical Analysis of the Hair & Skin 10
Principles of Electricity & Equipment 10
Needle Insertion 50
Thermolysis (Manual & Flash Techniques) 150
Electrolysis 10
Blend 120
Salon Business & Management 5
Total 400