Vogue College

PTIB Accredited

Medical Aesthetics

This exciting program offers the student a knowledge of skin care, microdermabrasion, body care, nail techniques, waxing, makeup, electrology, laser hair removal, laser spot removal, and laser skin rejuvination. This course allows the student to acquire all the necessary prerequesites to practice clinical therapy.

Course Subsection Hours
Introduction to Electrology 5
Bacteriology, Hygiene & Disinfection 5
Skin Analysis, Structure & Related Diseases 20
Causes of Hair Problems 5
Hair Structure 10
Practical Analysis of the Hair & Skin 10
Principles of Electricity & Equipment 10
Needle Insertion 50
Thermolysis (Manual & Flash Techniques) 150
Electrolysis 10
Blend 120
Fitzpatrick Skin Types 10
Laser Theory & Principles of Lasers 10
Client Safety & Safety in the Work Place 10
Laser Hair Removal 30
Laser Skin Rejuvination 10
Laser Spot Removal 10
Laser Acne Treatment 10
Laser Spider Vein Removal 10
Different Laser Devices on the Market 5
Introduction to Esthetics and the History of Skin Care 5
Anatomy, Swedish Body Massage, Body Scrub, Body Wrap & Body Bronzing 60
Advanced Massage Techniques (Reflexology, Lymph Drainage Massage) 40
Skin, Related Diseases, Product Analysis, Facial Cosmetic Massages 100
Peels (Gommage, Glycolic Acid, Enzyme Peel, Jesner Peel) 30
Use of Professional Machinery (Steamer, Galvanic, Vac-spray, High Frequency) 60
Microdermabrasion 10
Vitalift Machine 10
Ionizable Gels 20
Chemistry, Nutrition 10
Aromatherapy & Herbal Preparation 10
Hair Removal (Soft & Hard Wax) 55
Fundamentals of Make-Up 90
Manicure/Spa Manicure 40
Pedicure/Spa Pedicure 40
Artificial Nails (Acrylics, Gels, Fibre Glass, Electrical Drill, Nail Art) 100
Salon Business & Management 10
Total 1200